Friday, 25 March 2011

Comments about Manchester Conference

Evolution, definitely fiction

I was able to attend the below conference and must say that it was great! I have learned much, not only about nature and how it works, but especially how one can see the hand of Hashem (G-d) in everything.
I have also learned how crazy Darwin was, especially by contradicting himself, on a number of occasions in his own book.
Sadly there weren't many people, as the organizers seemed to have kept a low profile.
I was happy to have met with Dr Babuna, which I encountered previously during my visits to Istanbul Turkey, and enjoyed a little chat with him.
It is important for believers to support such conferences and it doesn't matter if one is Jewish, Christian or Muslim, as we all believe that Hashem created all things!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Conference in Manchester


An exiting event will take place in Manchester this week!
Mr Oktar's, Harun Yahya, team will be holding a conference against Darwinism in Manchester. "Evolution, Fact or Fiction", will be its subject and I am more than interested how many people and who will be attending.
Of course I won't be able to not go, as supporting such events is very important!
So, those of you that can make it should come and join me at this special event.
Though, to my knowledge, Mr Oktar won't be there himself or via video conference, it'll still be worthwhile, as both presenters are Doctors and know what they are talking about.
The details of the conference and all you have to know is above, so no excuse not to come!

Who is on our side?


Who is on the side of Anti-Darwinism? Are there other people who speak up and out?
Yes there are! One of the most known, and as such most hatred, is a Muslim called Mr Adnan Oktar.
Mr Oktar is also known by his pen name Harun Yahya, under which he has written and published over 300 books.
Of course Muslims and Jews have their differences, but when it comes to standing up for our believes, we are the same!
Our common believe in Hashem (G-d) and that He is the Creator of the world and the universe, unites us.
May we, together, fight against the evils of Darwinism and proclaim the Name of the Creator of the world and all that is on it!

The British £10 Note


"Charles Darwin and his theory of evolutions only purpose is to explain away G-d!"
-Yehuda ben Avraham

"How sad it is to see the great influence of Darwin on the British Nation and society!"
-Mordechai Moshe ben Avraham